TEDxPickering Street 2017: THE Qs


IQ, EQ, AQ, MQ, CQ…There are many different types of quotients and intelligence in this world.

We here at TEDxPickeringStreet seek to embark on a journey to explore the many ‘Qs’ in life through the discovery of new ideas and perspectives.

We hope that in doing so, we can help our participants grow, not only as individuals, but as members of society, and as a global citizen. There is a 'Q' for everyone at every level, so…

我們今年活動的主題為 "全商" (The Qs);

人必須 全面發展十商,才能有真正完善的自我.

来探討新的時事和觀點,從而提升自我, 改善社會.

[The Program]

12.30-13.00: Registration
13.00-15.00: Session 1
15.00-16.00: Tea Break
16.00-18.00: Session 2

After-party starts at 19.00 in the lobby, only for those who have bough the after-party tickets!

[Our Speakers]

Angela Ognev | Cut The Small Talk & F*Up Nights Singapore
Flavors of uncomfortable conversations (and growing our comfort zone)

Sreeram Iyer | COO of ANZ Institutional Banking Business
Why Spirituality matters in Corporate Leadership

Erin Padilla & Larissa Murphy | Co-founder of Accela;Co-creator at Contrast Global
Are Trendy offices really great places to work?

Jiezhen Wu | Founder of The Hidden Good
Because doing good doesn't have to look a certain way

HK URBEX 城市探險 | Urban Explorers
Kaironauts: Unearthing Hidden Mysteries of the Twin Cities

=More to be revealed!=

[About TEDxPickeringStreet]

Inclusiveness is the core value and idea of TEDxPickeringStreet. We believe that great ideas can be found everywhere and anywhere and in every person, and that language should not be a barrier in the sharing of great ideas.

Hence we named our event after William A. Pickering, the first British officer who could speak and write mandarin and acted as the bridge between the Chinese and British during Singapore’s days as a colony.

We also aim to not only be linguistically inclusive but to do so on every level of our event. we want to connect people, across different race, cultures, countries and most importantly, station. Because great things happen when people meet and connect.

Ultimately though, we just want everyone to have fun. Hopefully, we’ll be known as the TEDx event that takes ourselves the least seriously.

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Sat Jul 15, 2017
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Standard $37.50
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